What We Do


As the umbrella body for local member organizations, synagogues, and at-large members appointed by the Jewish Federation, JCRC unifies, mobilizes, represents, and is responsible to the Southern New Jersey community. Learn more about our areas of focus and what we can do for you via the links below:

  • Supporting Israel Advocacy

    The JCRC Israel Advocacy Initiative (IAI) helps to coordinate, educate and organize efforts among the South Jersey pro-Israel community in support and advocacy on behalf of Israel. IAI serves as a resource for individuals and organizations in our local community on the latest information, trends, issues and advocacy opportunities in support of Israel.

  • Combating Anti-Semitism

    JCRC encourages amicable relationship, mutual understanding and respect among various groups, helps create and maintain conditions that are conducive to encouraging the continuity and vitality of Jewish living in a pluralistic society, protects and strengthens the rights and interests of the Jewish community, and combats anti-Semitism and every other form of racism or group prejudice.

  • Building Interfaith & Intergroup Relations

    JCRC manages the local Jewish Coalition for Literacy program in South Jersey- BookMates, operates the Catholic-Jewish Commission, facilitates the continuation of the Jewish Catholic Muslim Dialogue, develops Jewish relations with all faith, ethnic and racial groups, and serves on various Ministerium councils.

  • Promoting Holocaust Education

    JCRC’s Esther Raab Holocaust Museum & Goodwin Education Center (Raab/Goodwin Center) teaches people about the past and educates them for the future through the painful lessons of the Holocaust. The objective is to reduce prejudice and lessen hatred, bigotry, bullying, and violence against all groups.

  • Engaging in Government Affairs

    JCRC engages in government affairs to establish and maintain relationships with government officials, both elected and appointed, within the community, establish and maintain relationships with school administrators and educators within the community, and to establish and maintain relationships with law enforcement officials within the community.

  • Fostering Community Relations

    JCRC strives to develop an intelligent and effective public opinion within and outside the Jewish community on Jewish community relations issues, problems, concerns and commitments. We provide the means for Jewish communal leadership to exchange views with key local, national and global public officials and opinion molders.